Cedar Restoration

Cedar Home Restoration

We specialise in Cedar home restorations. If your Cedar home is looking silver, patchy, starting to crack or grow mould then contact us today!

Our goal is to maximise both the aesthetic appearance and treated condition of Cedar, our state of the art cleaning techniques and procedures enable us to achieve the quality our customers require. We are meticulous, but the exceptional results definitely justify our concerted efforts.

We use the highest quality penetrating oils, but only after the CEDAR-POLTICE cleaning system is fully completed. We know the prior cleansing of the cedar is the critical factor in beautifying the timber and therefore make every effort to achieve maximum enhancement of our customer’s home.

Our Process Is:

  • View and inspect the cedar cladding
  • Cleanse the cedar using our Cedar Poltice system
  • Apply oil

We are able to reduce costs for our customers by purchasing our penetrating oils directly from the manufacturer and we also pass on our special scaffolding (where required) rates, at cost.

We endeavour to be prompt, efficient, competitive and pleasant.

Cedar restoration