Concrete Treatments

We provide four main services for Concrete Rejuvenation, our quality far exceeds DIY, both in products available and skilled application
A water-pressure clean

Quality-customised for concrete cleaning-machinery. In most cases we can make the concrete look, as new.

Pressure clean and application of clear sealer

The sealer retains the as new appearance and prevents mould regrowth, we can apply the sealer for approximately 50% of normal cost.
Coloured sealer
We can also provide coloured sealer. This product is exceptionally durable, we can obtain virtually any colour and the concrete appearance is as brand new, this product inhibits mould regrowth and is easily cleaned..excellent longevity. It is not a paint, it is a sealer, meaning it is absorbed into the concrete rather than a skin as is paint.
Specialised Paint
The alternative to the coloured sealer is a specialised paint, made for application to concrete, the prep-clean is of critical importance for maximum long-term bonding..this product can be obtained in virtually any colour, is easy cleaned and prevents mould regrowth.

We paint/stain houses, we rejuvenate decks and fences, but fully acknowledge that the CONCRETE rejuvenation options, visually enhance a property more than any other improvements, and it is very competitively priced
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